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A one-day feast for tangueros with film premiere, workshops, tango ball and more… Don’t miss the chance surrounded with beautiful tango energy.

Tango Cotswold is honoured to first screen the film Secret Tango Stories, in the UK outside of London. More on:

We are still lucky to have our favourite teachers, beautiful dancers Luis and Elizabeth along with another highly recommended tango teacher from Argentina, German Landeira for the afternoon workshops.

David Thomas, one of the most popular DJs, the author of Getting To Know: Twenty Tango Orchestras. He will present you with the most juicy tandas to keep you dancing till you drop.

Santi Pecheco and Gerald Jones will perform authentic songs to live music in the tango ball.  Santi is a guitarist, singer, song writer,  also the director of the film Secrect Tango Stories. Gerald Jones is a pianist and song writer, also one of the investors of the film Secrect Tango Stories.

The teachers are available for private classes. Very limited spaces and time slots. Please contact me or the teachers for more details asap so I can book a time slot for you.

There will be a Qigong and Tai Chi trial at 10am, which is FREE to those who attend any tango event on 2nd Nov. Tai chi is one person’s tango, tango is two persons’ Tai chi. Two cultures from West and East are both rooted in grounding, balance, energy flow and connecting with inner self. If you love tango, you might be interested in Tai chi. Why not come and have a try?

Drinks and alcohol are not allowed to take into the hall. But bar is open 5pm till mid-night.

Watson Hall 64 Barton Street, GL20 5PX Tewkesbury

11:30 -12:30    Qigong & Tai chi Taster (Experience grounding,
                          balance, energy flow )  £3 (or FREE combined with
                           other events)            
13:00 -14:30    Workshop with German Landeira
                       Turns in close embrace, different starts and ends. For
                        all levels. 
                          £12 ( or £10 combined with other events)
15:00 -16:30     Workshop with Luis and Elizabeth Milonga. 
                          £12 (or £10)
17:30 -18:30     Film Secret Tango Stories  £8 (or £6)
18:30 – 19:30     You may bring food and share (if you would like to)
20:00 – 23:50     Autumn Ball (with performance, live music, DJ) £12          
                          (or £10)   

£30 only for ALL events!

Booking is encouraged to avoid disappointment. Please email for booking.  If not, do please click going or interested to give us a roughly number of that day.

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